A new pig

Character development

In the book, I'm afraid we had no pigs. We had rabbits, mice, a pigeon, a rat, a cow and, of course, Calais, the fox. Or maybe the fox's name wasn't mentioned. Spoilers, eh?

However, there was no pig.

This is all going to change next time round.

Ladies, and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Prune.

Prune is short for Prunella. She is an Oxford sandy and black pig, often referred to as a plum-pudding pig. She is an orchard pig, so will be living in the farm next door. I'm sure she and Bert will get on famously.

At present, she is just a prototype. I will have to draw her a few more times before she becomes a fully rounded personality. I suspect the round bit will be easy :-)

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